What is symGLASS?

symGLASS is a food-safe, BPA-free, thermoformed polymer that features very high impact resistance, chemical resistance, excellent optical clarity, and is 100% recyclable.

Because of the material's clarity, we are able to cast our drinkware in thicker forms, giving them the heft and look of traditional glass. And because it is so durable, we offer a lifetime guarantee that it will never break, crack, or chip under normal use. If your symGLASS does break, simply return it to us for a free warranty replacement.

symGLASS was conceived by restauranteur and bar owner Quinn O'Sullivan. Quinn wanted to create a line of drinkware that was elegant enough for high end restaurants, but durable enough to withstand use at the rowdiest honky tonks. Quinn sought the expertise of Dr. Paul Fenelon, a leader in the science of plastics, and symGLASS was born.